7 Tips to Help Negotiate a Better Deal

By |June 15th, 2015|Leadership, Qualifications, Qualifications Advanced Diploma, Qualifications Certificate IV, Qualifications Diploma, School of Business, School of Leadership, School of Management, Training|

Despite the best efforts of some of the world’s best academics and practitioners to develop winning strategies, there is no universal set of irrefutable rules governing the complex process of negotiation. We do know, however, that good negotiators must be flexible. They must walk a fine line between domination and appeasement, embracing a range of proven behaviors including the following... 1. Know exactly what you want and draw two lines. This is the key. Determine your bottom line position before beginning negotiation, by identifying your goal specifically, with dates, numbers, prices, and so on. Imagine yourself drawing this proverbial 'line in the sand' and then drawing a second line a few steps in advance of it. The second will be the line at which you begin negotiations. In this way, at worst, you'll be negotiated back to your first line in the sand. 2. Make sure this person can say [...]