More Tips on Speech Preparation!

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In our last blog post we went through a step-by-step process of preparing to make a speech. Here are a few more ideas that may help you next time! Don't forget Less is best - the more you say, the less your audience will remember… Be appropriately brief. Research shows that today’s audiences have an attention span of just on 18 minutes - the period between commercials on prime -time television! Push a single concept. The podium is no place for multiple messages and muddled meanderings.   Smile & ponder Max Walker, former Australian test cricketer turned author and public speaker, says one of his worst experiences with public speaking was when he expected to be addressing a hundred blind people - and arrived to find a hall full of deaf people instead! ‘Imagine. I’m trying to be funny on some bloke’s fingers and all the laughs are coming back [...]