Finding a Positive Attitude in 2020

By |July 24th, 2020|Leadership, School of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander Leadership, School of Business, School of Civil, Construction, Mining, School of Leadership, School of Management, School of Project Managment, Schools, Training|

This week we have been focusing on positive attitudes. Having a positive attitude is key to success with what ever you do. | We have compiled some different tips, stories and quotes that can help you find a positive attitude for 2020. Flying with Superman Former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, so the story goes, was once in an aircraft preparng for take-off. A flight attendant noticed that his seatbelt was unfastened. 'Sir, would you please do up your seat belt?' Muhammad Ali looked up with his characteristic saucy grin and said in his slow, gravelly drawl: 'Superman don't need no seatbelt!' But the attendant was quick with a reply: 'Superman don't need no aeroplane. Do up your belt!' Muhammad Ali, as we know, was renowned for his positive mental attitude, a trait he displayed every day throughout his career, in the ring and [...]