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2 Tips to Staying on Track with your Goals

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Are your goals set? Are you all geared up to get started on them? Have you established some ways to support your goals? What will ensure that you actually stay on your desired path? It is easy to get off path. It is easy to get all wrapped in stuff in everyday life. You know what I mean? I know, I have been off track with my goals. When you do set goals and establish ways to get where you want to go, how do you stay on track? When you have clear goals that you want to achieve, it is easier to set the steps to achieve them. It sounds easy. The fact is you will only take control of your goal when you "stop doing things” that you are doing. Look at your life right now? What does it look like? Did you get the steps done today [...]

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How to Model Yourself on Successful People

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Successful people have three things in common: they know where they are now; they know where they want to be; and they move further along the connecting path each day. Their actions become the key determinants of their success. The accumulated messages of their biographies and autobiographies provide added insights into their personal qualities, offering models for you to emulate as you set and chart your own path. Here are those qualities and the actions required... 1. Know where you’re going. Knowing where you’re going is part of the success story. Although your vision will encounter setbacks (we’re told envisaged futures usually have less than a 70 per cent chance of being achieved), visions help to transform possibilities into realities. As the saying goes, ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll finish up somewhere else.’ 2. Believe in yourself. Successful people believe in themselves, confident in the knowledge that they can [...]

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