More Ideas on Meeting Agendas

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"Think of the agenda as a device to focus your meeting. A meeting with no agenda will have no focus and the results will be fuzzy. Too many side issues slip into consideration and, finally, like the famous Caucus Race witnessed by Alice in her Wonderland dream, all the attendees end up chasing each other around in circles." Clyde Burleson in Effective Meetings: The Complete Guide, John Wiley & Sons, NY, 1990. In our last blog post we discussed meeting agendas and how important they are to the effective management of a meeting. Here are few extra ideas and bits of information that we found interesting and wanted to share with you! Here's an idea In your agenda, consider providing a SWEET objective for each topic under discussion - i.e: -Sensible - challenging, realistic, achievable -Written - providing a clear record of intent -Easy-to-understand - jargon-free, clear, precise -Easy-to-measure - [...]