Quiz on Managing Your Career!

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Here's a short, fun quiz to get you thinking about your career!   How to develop a plan for action The statement, ‘If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there’, is taken from which classic? The Wizard of Oz Gulliver’s Travels Alice in Wonderland Robinson Crusoe   How to improve your chances of getting promoted How can you strengthen your credentials? Active membership of professional associations and committees. Involvement in community service organizations and clubs. Formal study (degrees, diplomas etc.). All of the above.   How to choose the best course for further study One way to avoid becoming another drop-out statistic is to do your homework on and explore fully the course of study which you intend to undertake. What three activities should feature in your preliminary considerations? Find out about the course or subject by approaching the course coordinator. Consult the course [...]