Tips For Overcoming Problems at Meetings

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As a manager, you are often required to chair meetings. To be successful, you will need to minimise your own involvement, foster interaction among the participants, and ensure that everyone makes a contribution. There are times, however, when awkward situations arise; and then you will need to draw on a repertoire of responses to maintain control. Here are some of the most common problems that arise in meetings and the strategies for handling them… 1. When the discussion becomes irrelevant… Meetings sometimes get bogged down in time-consuming, irrelevant discussions that lead nowhere. To get the meeting back on course, you can: refocus the discussion by indicating that the group has strayed from its real objective. summarise the discussion to date and link progress to the objective. bring the discussion back into line by posing a question relating to the agenda topic. 2. When the participants begin to lose interest… Often caused by [...]