Five Key Steps to Personal Growth

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We all seem to have an innate desire to continue learning and growing so that we can become more knowledgeable, efficient human beings. As an employer, we should want this for our employees as well as ourselves. So how can we aid the growth process in employees? A report issued by the Centre for Creative Leadership in North Carolina identified five key experiences that help employees grow and develop. Provide jobs/assignments that are challenging. Provide employees with the opportunity to interact with other people, especially managers and bosses. Hardships/difficulties. Coursework/training. Off-the-Job experience. At Global Training, we love to help employers develop their employees so that they can become more efficient at their current job. We see our training as an opportunity to inspire, challenge and motivate people to apply their new skills to the workplace. For more information about career and success, Contact Us at Global Training Institute. At GTI we are [...]