Fear of Failure? Not anymore!

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In our last blog post we discussed some simple steps you can take to getting rid of the fear of failure in your life. For some people the fear is slight and only blocks their ability to take risks in a small way. For others, it can be crippling. It's important to know where you are on this scale so you can be aware of whether you are missing out on opportunities and development due to fear. "The worst possible outcome of trying a work task and then failing is probably transient embarrassment. You might be embarrassed for a while, but that will fade. The residue hopefully will be a valuable learning experience. Trial-and-error learning is a time-honoured process and one familiar to most successful people." Fred Orr, How to Succeed at Work, Unwin, Sydney, 1987, p.30. It's a fact When the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison wanted to make a [...]