How to put some FUN into your role as Manager!

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Just because you're a manager, you don’t have to be all buttoned-down and grim. In fact, bringing a little levity to your role as a manager can make you and those around you more relaxed and effective. The best managers in any organisation aren't afraid to show the world that they have a sense of humour they enjoy using. Nor should you be. Humour is good for your career and for your health... 1. Know the value of humour to your own well-being. Many managers often underestimate the value of humour. Research has shown that it not only offers a most effective tool for engaging and relating to staff, but can also relieve stress, defuse a situation, promote trust and team bonding, restore our equilibrium, deflate our pomposity, reveal our essential humanity, offer us new perspectives, and help us to soar above the mundane in our job. It has been shown [...]