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Finding the Right People for the Job

By |2019-09-27T13:04:06+10:00December 8th, 2014|Leadership, School of Business, School of Civil, Construction, Mining, School of Leadership, School of Management, Schools, Training|

If you are a manager, one of the most stressful aspects of your job is finding good people to fill available positions in your company. Whether you work in a small business or for a large corporation, hiring new personnel can be a hard process to manage. There are many things to consider when you are reviewing resumes and arranging interviews, but if you attention to some key factors, you will typically find a successful match for your needs. The first step toward finding good people to fill positions is the advertising process. You can put in ads in local newspapers and make postings on Internet job sites. Be sure to word your ad in such a way that it adequately describes the most important skills needed for the job. If the available position calls for certain communication or technical skills be sure to list those clearly, and if applicants [...]

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The Benefits of Online Training

By |2019-09-27T13:04:23+10:00September 26th, 2014|Leadership, Qualifications, Schools, Shortcourses, Soft Skills, Training|

In this fast changing world where skills are constantly adapting to technology advances, people are changing the careers more frequently and employers expect job seekers to be equipped with skills already, how can you ensure that you will be secure in the marketplace? The competition now is so cut throat that being educated means actually going out of your way to update yourself with the current business trend, software, theory, medicine, etc. The answer...Education! Those who refuse to stop learning are the ones who will succeed. It's important to be aware of gaining new skills, learning new techniques and being aware of the changes in your industry at all times. Currently there are various means to get that vital education, one form is via the internet through an online qualification. First it has to be asked, is this an effective and is this the best way to get a qualification? [...]

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How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

By |2019-09-27T13:04:28+10:00August 25th, 2014|Leadership, Qualifications, Qualifications Advanced Diploma, Qualifications Certificate IV, Qualifications Diploma, School of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander Leadership, School of Business, School of Civil, Construction, Mining, School of Corporate Governance, School of Leadership, School of Local Goverment, School of Management, School of Online, Distance, School of Project Managment, Schools, Soft Skills, Training|

How often have you avoided tackling a job because you were afraid of not doing it well, or backed off a new initiative because you feared it might not succeed, or not accepted a speaking engagement because you were afraid of embarrassing yourself? Fear of failure is surprisingly common. But it is a fear that can be conquered, especially when you realise that it isn't failure that counts in life: it's what you can learn from the experience that matters. Heed this advice to help overcome your fear of failure... 1. Try not to be hard on yourself. If your company's aim was to make an annual profit of $100,000 and you managed a profit of only $78,000 - is that really failure? Failure is a relative term, depending on who is doing the measuring. 2. Set your own standards of success or failure. Success, or failure, is in many instances only [...]

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