Pitching Services to New Clients this Year

By |January 6th, 2014|Leadership, Qualifications, Qualifications Diploma, School of Business, School of Leadership, School of Management, Schools, Shortcourses, Soft Skills|

Well it's here....2014! There are some things you must be beginning to consider. We start to think of resolutions for ourselves, and our businesses wanting the New Year to be bigger, better and more productive. We wanted to inspire you with some information about pitching your services to new clients. Whether you are starting a new business or looking to expand, this year it's time to start finding new clients! If your business is to achieve its potential in a competitive marketplace, you must first find possible clients or customers and then pitch your services to the most likely prospects. Your success in doing so will depend on how well you can identify prospective clients and how well you can present your services to them. To expand your client base, consider the following advice... 1. Build up a prospect file. Compiling a prime prospect file is an essential task for [...]