Five I’s of Motivation and more!

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"Good managers don't motivate others. Motivation comes from within the individual. It is not something that one person does to another. What a manager must do is to find ways to enhance and reinforce the motivating forces within their employees. Employees who hear their bosses talking about motivating them may worry about being manipulated rather than motivated." Thomas Quick, The Managers Motivation Desk Book, John Wiley, NJ, 1985. Don't forget The Five-Is of motivation Interesting work. Not every aspect of a job can be interesting, but smart managers make sure that every job has interesting components. Information. Tell staff how the company makes money, how they’re doing at their jobs, and other information you can offer. Involvement. Let employees help make decisions. Independence. Give them a chance to work on their own, using a flexible schedule. Increased responsibility. More responsibility means more opportunities and more visibility in the company. All [...]