Tips on Strong Staff Cohesiveness

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In our last blog post we discussed some step by step points in building a strong sense of staff cohesiveness within your organisation or workplace. Here are a few more tips for you to take and implement. Staff cohesiveness is vital to a strong functioning organisation, so make sure you note them down and see if they work! "As a manager you will play a crucial role in building the team, and then in maintaining its effectiveness. Some of this team-building work will be high-profile and visible, but much of it will be behind the scenes, self-effacing work that receives no recognition and often little credit - your reward will be the private knowledge that without such work the team would not be so effective." R.Kemp & M. Nathan, Middle Management in Schools, Blackwell Education, Oxford, 1989, p.138. Don't forget To build team unity, ‘America’s Life Coach’ Ron Jenson says you [...]