Laughter in the Workplace!

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 As a manager, you can set the tone by implementing simple techniques to provide employees with a bit of fun and enjoyment. But why? Laughter is an important part of being human. Who doesn't love laughing!? We all need to laugh! Especially now in these hard times, where we can sometimes forget to laugh. Here is some information on the importance of laughter! Laughter heals William Fry Jr, the 'Doctor of Humour', has researched the power of humour for over thirty years. He is convinced that laughter is a total body experience, an 'internal massage' that embraces all the body's systems - muscles, brain, nerves, digestion. Following stimulation and exercise caused by laughter, the body relaxes. Indeed, claims Fry, like jogging, laughter is a good aerobic exercise. It aerates the lungs, relaxes the muscles, nerves and heart, expands breathing and circulation, and enhances oxygen intake and expenditure. He says that [...]