Emotional Intelligence…what is it?

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Emotional Intelligence was our topic for our last blog post. We highlighted how self-awareness is important in understanding Emotional Intelligence and as a manager, it is vital to have an understanding of this topic. Knowing how to manage emotions in yourself and identify them in others will help you manage your workplace more efficiently. "To effectively navigate your work world, to know what course you are to follow and how to stay on it, you need a gyroscope. Think of your emotional self-awareness that way: it helps keep you centred and immediately alerts you when you are tilting off course." Hendrie Weisinger, Emotional Intelligence at Work, Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, 1998, p. 5. What is emotional intelligence? "Emotional intelligence involves the ability to perceive accurately, appraise and express emotion; the ability to access and/or generate feelings when they facilitate thought; the ability to understand emotion and emotional knowledge; and the ability to [...]