How to Successfully Follow-Up

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Most interventions end with an agreement to follow-up, that concluding action being an important part of a manager’s role. Follow-up actions need to be more than ad hoc additions to daily routines. Effective follow-up discussions not only demonstrate to employees that you mean what you say – that you actually do follow up – but also show your interest in employees’ progress. Here’s how to make the best use of this important, though often neglected, aspect of management practice… 1. Review previous discussions. Having set aside a time for a follow-up meeting, make sure it happens. Begin the meeting by briefly recapping any previous discussions, including any actions you both agreed on at that time. Be specific: highlight only important aspects of those discussions. Again, focus only on identified problems, not the person. 2. Arrive at an assessment. If progress since the initial meeting has been made, encourage the employee to talk [...]