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6 Steps to Developing Leadership Qualities in Others

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Even those people who support the disputed theory that leaders are ‘born’ to excel, admit that environment and training are usually needed to develop successful leaders. Effective leaders are a vital ingredient to business, sports, medical, research, military, and all other team-oriented activities. The important questions, of course, are: Where do leaders come from? How do we find them? How can we identify them? How can we make them? The answers relate to recognizing talent and then encouraging, cultivating, and mentoring those potential leaders so that they can flourish in your organization. Explore the following strategies to help you and your organization succeed in this process… 1. Consider what strategies you currently have in place in your organization. To gauge what is required in terms of a leadership development program in your organization, you will need to answer the following questions: • Does our company have a comprehensive plan [...]

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Handle Drop in Visitors and Save Time in 8 Simple Steps

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As a manager, you might adopt an open-door policy - a noble objective. Total accessibility, however, can be counterproductive and waste your valuable time. Unless you are prepared to control the extent to which unexpected visitors take up your time, your efficiency as a manager will suffer. Limiting the time taken up by drop-in visitors demands courtesy, good judgement, and tact. Here's some advice to help you minimise the debilitating effects of those often trivial and time-consuming drop-in visits... 1. Have your assistant intercept all visitors. Your personal assistant, if you have one, should discreetly screen all visitors. Most routine problems can be handled in this way. If not, three strategies are possible: Determine the purpose of the visit and make an appointment. The assistant might say 'The manager is busy now. Can I contact you when the manager's free?' Or the assistant might say 'The manager is busy at [...]

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