Ensuring Your Organisation Makes a Memorable First Impression

By |September 11th, 2015|Leadership, School of Business, School of Corporate Governance, School of Leadership, School of Local Goverment, School of Management, School of Project Managment, Schools, Soft Skills, Target Markets, Training|

Sometimes the most basic things can determine an organisation’s public image. For the visitor, first impressions are very important. A pleasant, welcoming environment will put even the most apprehensive visitor at ease. But, regrettably, we often unknowingly place interpersonal and physical barriers in the way of clients, customers, and other visitors. The result? Outsiders leave with a less-than-favourable impression. If you want your organisation to create a good initial response in your visitor, note these points… 1. Remember: first impressions count. Regularly put yourself in the shoes of your customers, clients, or visitors. What you may routinely notice every day may not at first seem important in your eyes because it’s so familiar to you – but it can present an entirely different image to a client. When it comes to first impressions, three vital points must be noted: A visitor’s first impression is gained in only ten seconds. The [...]