The Secret to Delivering a Powerful Speech

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It’s easy to spot a dull speaker – just count the number of nodding heads in the audience. You can add a little sizzle to your presentations by learning to deliver a palatable blend of facts, figures, philosophy, humour, and the unexpected. The result can be rewarding – happy audiences, rapt attention, and more support for your cause. Pep up your next presentation by considering this advice… 1. Use appropriate attention-grabbers. Handouts, audiovisual aids, props, yarns, facts and figures, questions, show-of-hands, anecdotes, humour and demonstrations – all are capable of complementing your speech and of holding the attention of your audience. And all of those techniques are essential if you adhere to this basic principle for success: show them, don’t tell them. If you illustrate your points with examples, demonstrations, or analogies that are visual or oral, you’ll keep them interested. 2. Involve the audience. Involvement keeps people from nodding off. Try [...]