Starting a New Business? Here’s the Tips You Need to Reduce the Risks

By |August 21st, 2015|Leadership, School of Business, School of Civil, Construction, Mining, School of Corporate Governance, School of Leadership, School of Local Goverment, School of Management, School of Project Managment, Schools, Soft Skills, Target Markets, Training|

Most people, at one time or another, have a job, their time and effort being rewarded with wages or salaries. An increasing number of people, however, are becoming dissatisfied with that time-and-effort economy and seek the greater rewards that a results-economy can provide. This change inevitably means establishing their own businesses, working for themselves, and – if necessary – employing others. This transition from a time-and-effort to a results-economy is a major personal growth experience that can occur with the minimum of risk if you heed this important advice… 1. Know what it takes to succeed. People who succeed in a results-economy believe two things – that they are prepared to rely only on their own ability to achieve financial security; and that they will never get any opportunity in life unless they have first created value for someone else. Those two considerations identify entrepreneurial behaviour, which applies to any [...]