Brainstorming Success

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In our last two blog posts we have discussed the important of brainstorming to find the best solutions. We have a few more pieces of quality information we wanted to share with you on the topic to encourage you in your brainstorming processes! Give it a go and let us know what happens! 'There are many things that can block a person's creativity on the job, but the two biggest barriers are fear and lack of passion.' Unleash the creativity in your organization, Tina DeSalvo, HR Magazine, June 1999. Other idea-generators In addition to brainstorming, consider the following strategies for generating ideas: Moonlighting. Often we wake up at night, with ideas tumbling over themselves in our minds. Make note of them before they are lost. Keep a pencil and paper beside your bed. Record your inspirations - then go back to sleep. Solo brainstorming. If you have a tricky problem [...]