A Guide to Using Diaries and Calenders Effectively

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Every manager should use a time planner… a diary, a day book, an appointment calendar, a daily organiser – call it what you will. Although effective time-management primarily depends on personal discipline and willpower, time planners can help you win that daily battle with time. Here are a few guidelines to get you thinking about how to make best use of those essential management tools – diaries and calendars… 1. Know what a diary should be. Pocket or desk diaries and calendars are the traditional ‘appointment books’ – but they ought to be used for more than recording appointments. They require enough space to list one day’s appointments and, on the same page opening, enough room to comment on the planning or recording of the day’s work: telephone calls, reminders, meeting notes, goals, ideas, lists, events. Your diary should become a written record of events, thoughts, and plans – a book [...]