How to Bounce Back from a Personal Setback Stronger Than Ever

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1. Know that we all react differently to setbacks. A setback is an incident that checks our progress and brings our momentum to a grinding and usually disappointing halt. Our self-esteem can deflate; our confidence and motivation hit rock bottom. People respond differently. Some fall apart; others get back to work immediately; some turn to drink, become depressive, withdrawn, angry, and non-productive, the setback affecting all areas of their lives for some time. One’s degree of maturity, particularly in terms of emotional intelligence, becomes a vital factor in successfully overcoming the personal impact of a major disappointment. 2. Work through the stages of emotional turmoil after a setback. In ‘Emotional Intelligence at Work’, US psychologist Hendrie Weisinger identifies seven sequential post-setback stages common to most people. He says that, following a setback, ‘you need to experience and manage each stage, successfully moving through each one. Failure to do so [...]