Be Prepared for Your Career

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What you were taught in school no longer applies to the job searching skills needed in today’s market.  The rules have changed…from the resume through the interview.   Don’t be caught with an “objective statement” on your resume, or asking the interviewer questions you should have researched on the web on your own.  Here are some hot tips for being a savvy career planner: 1) Identify your top competencies, strengths, demonstration situations and high point stories – Different behaviors for different jobs are needed.  Today there are sophisticated career planning assessments on the market to help you identify your ideal work environment. It is important for you to become very familiar with your strongest skills.  Then, whether it is a resume, a job application, or a job interview, you’ll be able to articulate them succinctly and professionally. 2) Identify your competitive advantage – the single most important job search skill is [...]