5 Quick Tips to Help You Dress the Part

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Britain’s leading image consultant, Mary Spillane, says in 'Presenting Yourself' that ‘a poor image is self-defeating; it gets in the way of you projecting your true qualities and abilities. Many of us wish this wasn’t the case, that we should be assessed only on our achievements, not on any additional, superficial factor, such as appearance’. But, she insists, how we are packaged speaks volumes about how we value ourselves and respect others, about our sense of quality, creativity, and professionalism. Appearance matters for aspiring executives - and the following provides some useful introductory advice... 1. Know why we are reluctant to look the part. According to top US image consultant Susan Bixler, most aspiring executives fail to maintain a polished professional appearance for four main reasons: Self-consciousness: many feel they would give the impression of being dressy merely to cover technical deficiencies. Cost: most believe looking good would be expensive. [...]