How to Take the Heat out of Confrontation

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Confrontations are unpleasant but inevitable. What is important is that they can provide valuable opportunities to identify and deal with problems that otherwise might have simmered undetected. But there is a technique to handle them constructively. When you find yourself in face-to-face confrontations, here is what you can do to defuse, resolve, and profit from that potentially explosive situation... 1. Make confrontation constructive. For a confrontation to become a beneficial episode, it should provide the following outcomes: The other person’s behaviour changes in the manner desired. The self-esteem of the other person is preserved. Your relationship with the other person remains intact. These outcomes can be realised if you remain objective about the other person’s undesirable behaviour, listen to the other person’s response, identify the effects, describe future expectations, and commit or agree to future behaviour. 2. Choose the time and place. Don’t fuel the fire by initiating any conflict in public. [...]