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Facing your next job interview with confidence

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Facing your next job interview with confidence Are you applying for a new job?  You may be experienced and well qualified, and have submitted the perfect résumé. But in today's world, it’s that face-to-face interview that really counts. To gain the full advantage, you’ll need to be facing your next job interview with confidence. Here are some great strategies on how to just that. 1. Do your homework. If you’ve done your research and preparation thoroughly, it will come across confidently and naturally during an interview. So… • Know your résumé thoroughly. Be able to elaborate on each item and to discuss strengths and weaknesses confidently, positively, and honestly. • Assemble your résumé, other documentation, and examples of previous work as support material for use when appropriate during the interview. • Familiarise yourself with the company and the position you have applied for. You needn’t be an expert, but [...]

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9 ways to position yourself in your new job

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9 ways to position yourself in your new job Finally, all your hard work and commitment has landed you your new job. Now, it is natural to feel some uncertainty when starting in a new environment, but we have some great guidelines that you can follow to make things a little bit easier. Here are 9 ways to position yourself in your new job. 1. Avoid becoming too visible too soon. In the early days, many people will be eager to see what your approach will be, particularly in terms of changes to ‘the way things are done around here’. Let there be a touch of mystery about your presence in these early stages. Just as you will go out to meet your staff, let some of them come to you. Don’t show your hand until you are ready. Use this period to gather information and plan. 2. Focus [...]

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13 Tips and Tricks to Excelling in Your Career

By |July 24th, 2020|Leadership, Qualifications, Qualifications Advanced Diploma, Qualifications Certificate IV, Qualifications Diploma, School of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander Leadership, School of Business, School of Civil, Construction, Mining, School of Corporate Governance, School of Leadership, School of Local Goverment, School of Management, School of Online, Distance, School of Project Managment, Schools, Soft Skills, Training|

Climbing the management ladder to success is not something to be left to chance. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula. In fact, no two management consultants would agree completely on any certain recipe for reaching the top job. They would agree, however, that, if you are ambitious to reach the top, then the best person to help you get there is yourself. So here are a few guidelines to help you on your way… 1. Be prepared. There are no better candidates for advancement than those who, while handling their own jobs in exemplary fashion, have also prepared themselves for the job above theirs. Keep close to the people whose job you want, for they often have much to say about their successors. 2. Attend seminars and courses regularly. The sharpening of management skills through continuing education is essential for effective managers. Additionally, exposure to [...]

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