How to get more out of your Business

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Whether a business is big or small, you own it, manage it, or are the owner-manager, you’re always on the lookout for ways to increase its profitability. The consensus among respected writers in the field of business growth and profitability is that there are ways to get more out of a business—to make it grow and prosper. Here are some of those strategies... 1. Know what business you’re in. Even though the importance of knowing the nature of your business sounds straightforward, a significantly large proportion of businesses have never addressed this important issue. Even seemingly similar businesses may vary when it comes to defining their nature. Boeing makes planes, Qantas is in the transport and travel businesses, and Virgin Blue is in the hospitality business transporting people to their tourist and business destinations. The Ford family of the Ford Motor Company and its then CEO Jacques Nasser disagreed on the [...]