How to Compile an Effective Questionnaire to Advantage Your Business

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Questionnaires are used for a variety of reasons – to gather information, to survey opinions or attitudes, to measure customer satisfaction, or to drive market research. But although sophisticated questionnaires usually require professional expertise to compile, administer, analyse, and interpret, you can construct simple instruments for surveys, interviews, and focus groups by following these guidelines… 1. Be clear about what you’re looking for. Before you begin designing any questions, articulate clearly what need or problem you want to address using the information you intend to gather from the survey. Why are you doing the evaluation? What do you hope to accomplish? For example, questionnaires can measure attitudes, market trends, consumption patterns, beliefs or expectations about your services or products, the effect of competition, media, etc. Having a clear focus will help you frame your questions. 2. Select the appropriate method. How will you administer your questionnaire – by post, telephone, [...]