A productive, happy, and effective day is usually achieved by starting out fast and peppy in the morning. Unfortunately, the day is often lost to many of us even before we get out of bed: we self-destruct as soon as we wake up, dreading the thought of having to go to work. For most people, Monday mornings in particular can be the most difficult time of all. If you have trouble getting started each week, here is some timely advice on beating those Monday morning blues…

1. Finish as many jobs as possible on Friday.

If you finish as many tasks as you can before the weekend, you will feel much better knowing that these matters are not hanging over for Monday morning.

2. Tidy up your office before leaving on Friday evening

Never arrive on Monday morning to find the cluttered remnants of the previous week’s work.

3. Get Monday off to a flying start on Friday.

Try not to start a project from scratch on Monday. Begin a task on Friday so that you can pick it up when you arrive on Monday morning, thus giving yourself momentum and an immediate sense of accomplishment.

4. Set a new goal for Monday.

On Friday afternoon, write down a simple goal to be tackled first thing Monday morning. It won’t hurt to think about Monday’s goal while pruning the roses on Sunday.

5. Leave weekend matters to the weekend.

Never carry non-business issues and tasks from your weekend over to Monday morning. Get them out of the way before Monday morning or postpone them until later in the week.

6. Take it easy on Sunday night.

Schedule your weekend activities for Saturday and for Sunday morning and afternoon. Reserve Sunday night for relaxation, winding down weekend activities in preparation for a new working week.

7. Exercise on Monday morning.

Before heading off to work on Monday morning, jog around the block, or try some exercises. Bring some zest back into your life. Keep your body fit so that your emotions and your body don’t become drags on your mind.

8. Get up early on Mondays.

If you sleep in on Monday mornings, you will only be adding to your misery. Rise early, exercise, have breakfast, read the paper, and snap yourself into the routine of the coming week.

9. Schedule interesting meetings for Monday mornings.

Good company and stimulating conversation can lift your spirits. If you want to start the week well, schedule a meeting with interesting colleagues.

10. Avoid big jobs on Monday morning.

Spread major jobs throughout the week. This strategy will make the thought of going back to work after the weekend less oppressive.

11. Plan to vary your activities.

Schedule something enjoyable for Wednesday. On Monday morning, the mid-week reprieve won’t seem as far away as Saturday. It could work wonders to improve your outlook.

12. Set an example for staff.

The chances are that you’re not the only one with Monday morning blues. As Arnold Brown in ‘Fortune’ acknowledges:

“For inalienable biological reasons, Monday tends to be the least productive for most people. It’s simply natural to feel stress when making the transition from pleasurable engagement back into work.”

But remember that, if the boss suffers from the Monday morning blues, those on staff who are enthusiastic may well decide to follow the boss’s example. You see, the blues are contagious!

Managers need to set an example. See work as an enjoyable experience, and convey this impression to staff – particularly on Monday mornings.

And don’t forget, as well, that there’s nothing worse for a worker’s motivation than to find a stuffy office first thing on Monday morning. So make sure the air conditioning is switched on well before they arrive.

13. And finally…

For a fast and enthusiastic start to any new day, heed the advice of internationally known motivational speaker Tom Hopkins. He suggests:

  • Listen to lively, exciting, zingy, upbeat music. It will do wonders for your morning mood.
  • Listen to motivational tapes that you can alternate with the music tapes. In fact, make your own tapes.
  • Psyche yourself up with your own words: ‘OK. Today is the most beautiful day I’ve ever had. Today I must really perform for my staff…’
  • Push positive thinking all the way. If enthusiasm doesn’t take over, negativism may.
  • Start your day the night before.

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