In our previous blog we looked at 6 tips to help you with your goal-setting. Here are 7 more to further help you develop more effective goals and achieve that career and training success!

Achieve your Goals at Global Training Institute.

7. Make your goals timely.

There should be a time dimension that specifies when the goal is to be achieved. Tying a specific deadline to a goal along with individual accountability usually leads to a more proactive approach to its achievement.

8. Write them down.

By committing your goals to paper, and making them public, you not only convert dreams into tangible targets, but also work harder for their achievement – or risk losing face.

9. Align goals with the corporate mission.

Remember to link individual goals to group goals, which ultimately should be linked to organisational or corporate goals.

10. Publicize your goals.

The best way to accomplish anything is to set your goals – then publicize them widely. If you commit yourself publicly to a certain thing by a certain time, then it’s very difficult to back out. If you do, you lose face – and most of us would rather get the job done than be judged as one who can’t deliver the goods.

11. Review progress regularly.

Schedule regular meetings to review progress with colleagues. Be honest and forthright in your assessments and don’t expect 100 per cent achievement. If you find that a specific goal is unreachable, that it was too ambitious, modify it to a degree that is attainable. It’s a good idea to set and monitor sub-goals as a means of giving an ongoing sense of achievement and keeping people motivated along the way.

12. Make your goals challenging.

A goal that is too low, too easily reached, offers little challenge or interest. Add ‘stretch’ to encourage performance. Striving for our goals takes us out of our comfort zones and causes us to grow with each accomplishment. The best goals are beyond our grasp, but within our reach.

13. And remember also…

  • Goals should focus not only on ends but also on means.
  • People can attend to just so many written goals. Don’t go overboard.
  • The total set of goals should be mutually reinforcing – one goal should not have to be achieved at the expense of another.
  • Face your goals with determination and resolve to never give up. Persistence is important for achievement

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