Project Management Career Pathway

Here’s how to develop your Project Management career!

If you are trying to secure yourself a Project Management career, it’s important to have the formal training and qualifications to support your experience. By completing the necessary training, opportunities will come more easily as employer’s can immediately identify the skills your possess. Take a step in the right direction and begin your Project Management career pathway today!

The career pathway outlined by Global Training Institute identifies training for someone building a project management career. Boost your career development motivation with the career path for Project Management career. Project management career builders need to see the career pathway created by Global Training Institute. Career development is worth it.


Position General Roles Qualification Recommended
Project Team Member  



Implement project management plans and assist in achieving a project’s objectives Experienced Project Team Members, lacking formal qualifications Certificate IV in Project Management
Project Coordinators/ Project Administrator Report the outcomes of a project to a higher authority in your organisation  Certificate IV in Project Management
Project Manager Project manager:The individual accountable for all aspects of a project. 

`Managing a single complex project

Diploma of Project Management
  Manage sub-projects of major construction projects, and plan and establish and manage minor construction projects.Systems based. Diploma of Project Management
  Directing multiple complex projects Advanced Diploma of Project Management
Program Manager The individual accountable for a collection of related projects working in alignment towards a common cause.  Advanced Diploma of Project Management
Project Management Qualifications: Cert IV = Member of Project Team; Diploma = Running single complex project; Ad Diploma = Running multiple projects and controls them


A complex project is:

  • Any project greater than $50,000,
  • Schedule time greater than 1 month Needs a project manager
  • Multiple levels stakeholders (board members, executive managers, 3rd party providers, team members, functional managers, internal/external parties)
  • Has formal reporting, documents, plans

Career development is a click away with GTI's career pathway for those building a project management career.

The Project Management course was excellent.  The logic behind the assignments and explanations of questions was well done.  All course requirements were clearly identified. Michelle Ashcroft

“All aspects of the training program were well done. I would recommend it due to its practicality. The units in the course were made very useful in my work as a Project Manager. Communication management was very helpful in the process of developing my work skills.” Colin Gurullawela

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