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When considering online training, it’s important you find a Registered Training Organisation who will assist you through the journey. By reading the following testimonials, you can be assured that Global Training Institute is a reliable company to complete your online qualification or online course through. We value our student’s success and encourage them throughout the course of their online training.

Bambie complete an online qualification with Global Training Institute. Her online training has helped her within her industry.

“I was having some doubts about doing the course however upon reflection of continued communication and support with office staff, today’s session and tonight’s webinar, I am really very proud to be a student of Global Training Institute, and am looking forward to completing all my units knowing the support and understanding of all of the staff will be there when I require assistance. Simply outstanding service – thanks”. Bambie Bridges J.P

“I completed a Diploma of Project Mangement and a Diploma of Management. The flexibility in being able to complete the course at your own pace, I found was well done. The text books were a fabulous resource. Everyone was helpful at the Global Training Institute office.” Kim Thomas. Ku-ring-gai Council Sydney



The online courses at Global Training Institute span across a variety of sectors. You too can study your own online qualification. “Overall 5/5! The support team was very good and helpful. The course gave me a better view on my personal professionalism. The staff are all very professional and experienced and overall very helpful. Managers/Supervisors could greatly benefit from this training program.” Nigel Foster

“I found the support processes fantastic. I particularly enjoyed my one-on-one phone sessions with my Trainer, Ross. Great guy with lots of patience! Once I worked out how to use the website to its potential and utilize all the great resources in the library, it made all the difference to my course and my business. The systems, policies and procedure templates and resources are so valuable. I have now implemented many of my new systems and am ready to take my business to the next level.” Bernadette Crouch




Global Training Institute offer a variety of online courses and online qualifications. Their online training is highly regarded nationally and internationally.“The phone interviews for each subject were really helpful.” James Castle

“I found the online information on the website was very helpful. Some of the assessments required a thorough investigation of my company’s management structure. The outcome was a better understanding of our management processes. Leightons training staff recommended that I do the course and now I have already recommended the training to other staff at my project.” Andrew Tofallis, Leighton Contractors

“The flexible training times makes it easy to work it into my life”. The trainer and assessor feedback was very helpful, allowed me to talk about work and learning concerns.” James Maher



GTI are known for their broad range of online courses and online qualifications. “The mentoring I received from Global Training gave me the confidence to complete this course. The one on one discussions with the Trainers helped with perspective and the admin team were helpful and very competent.” James Usher

“The support I received from GTI staff was exemplary. I was comfortable contacting anyone for advice and was always treated with respect and courtesy.” Kaylene Jones, Manager



Here is one of our graduates who recently completed an online qualification with us at Global Training Institute.

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