Do you own a franchise and feel out of your depth?

Have you franchised your business and want to make sure it will be successful?

Could your franchise improve profitability?

Would you like to formalise your franchising knowledge with a qualification?


Global Training Institute is passionate about helping you as a franchisor or a franchisee become successful.

Understanding the technical aspects of your Franchise System will get your new Franchisees started, but you need to make sure they have the right business management skills, will sustain their long term growth and prosperity. And don’t forget your existing Franchisees that often need to learn new business management skills.

Franchisors who have had their Franchisees (new and existing) participate in this Franchise training program, are now reaping the benefits, including:

  • More motivated, happier Franchisees making more profits
  • Higher performances, with struggling ‘ees now blossoming
  • More time to induct new ‘ees’ into ‘the system
  • Franchisees committed to and investing in further business skills training and coaching
  • With the extra business skills training offered access to a wider pool of potential Franchisees
  • With more success from Franchisees increased referrals and good PR

The three day Franchise Training Program can also be used as a standalone Franchisee Business Management induction program which can be accredited towards a Certificate IV at a later date.

Global Training Institute’s Franchising Training Program is recommended for:

  • New Franchisees
  • Existing Franchisees
  • ‘below best’ franchisees
  • Those who would like to obtain a formal qualification in franchising.

If you would like to further your franchising skills, or would like your franchisees to take part in high quality training, Global Training Institute offers an in-depth, practical qualification for this purpose. Be confident that your franchisees will be able to sustain your franchise and assist in expanding your business with the practical skills and knowledge acquired by this online training program.

Qualifiication Guarantee for Entrepreneurship training

If you would like more information about Global Training Institute’s Franchising Training Program or online training opportunities, please contact us.

Global Training Institute is a Registered Training Organisation and delivers high quality online training in accordance with AQF standards.


Franchising Articles

For those of you wanting to know more about Franchising your business, or buying a franchise, we have compiled a number of informative articles for you to read and gather information from. We invite you to take advantage of this quality franchising information. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss our Franchising Training Program, or other options, please contact us.


Franchising training programs are available at Global Training Institute.

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