Business Studies Testimonials

Students who have completed business studies and business courses with Global Training Institute's Business School. Global Training Institute's Business School graduates have been satisfied with their Business Studies. The Business Studies and Business Courses are available within the Business School at Global Training Institute are highly regarded internationally.

There was excellent team support from the offices staff, trainers and assessors! This course was able to provide a significant amount of personal growth for me starting a business. I would definitely recommend this program/training to others for the full support that other RTO’s don’t give out as well.Bambie Bridges

I did all my assessments for my Diploma relating to my business. I realized during the course that I had good business ideas. The course was really helpful to teach me how to lay our my business ideas, record them in my business plan. I then learnt how to take these ideas and set them out in a step-by-step process to get better direction and have them repeatable. The course helps you to set up your business so you can free up your time.Lionel Harris, Multi-Business owner

We have expanded our thinking and we are now seeing outside the square and we are move motivated. The training is well worthwhile and money well spent. Our turnover is higher and our profits will increase with new business plans” V. Dent, Westgate Seeds

My business has been operating for 13 years and after doing my Diploma of Management, and implementing the policies, procedures and systems learnt during the process, I am now ready to take the business to the next level. I have now implemented a large number of systems into my business which has allowed me to monitor the work inputs and outputs of each individual staff member. Staff are now able to work more independently due to the new systems in place and I am able to schedule more personal and family time into my working diary as a result. Thanks!” Bernadette Crouch, Business Owner.

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