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Business Planning, Strategic Planning, Operational Planning, Policy, Procedure and System Writing and Business Support.

Experience quality Business Planning training with Global Training Institute's variety of business support systems. Improve business management and learn about setting up a small business. Global Training Institute offers small businesses business planning training and support, as well as business management and assistance in setting up a small business. Global Training Institute are passionate about assisting people in setting up a small business as well as business planning and business management.

Forward-thinking and well run Companies and Businesses have a culture of business planning, continuous improvement, career progression, coaching and mentoring.

Planning and implementing improvement strategies help you to be proactive in managing change and improving products, services, morale and systems. As a result, so too does your bottom line improve.

It is often the case that it takes someone from ‘outside’ to identify areas of improvement, to facilitate appropriate and relevant planning sessions, and to develop systems to help keep your leaders and managers on track.

For the past twelve years, Global Training Institute consultants have been delivering these services to businesses of all sizes and in a variety of fields all around Australia. We take the time to understand the constraints under which you operate, and can help to devise real, actionable solutions, through the following Services. Whether you are setting up a small business or wanting to expand your current business, this business management and business planning training and support will help you.

Select which of these business planning solutions and services will suit your business to get started with…

Ongoing Business Support Business mentoring and coaching for owners or managers: planning, reviewing, staying focused, achieving the plan. Creating a Better Business Program
Business Planning We will work with your team to develop a business plan for the next 2-5 years for your business. Together we will develop an easy to follow road map, showing you both the destination and the route to get there. New opportunities will likely be identified in this process.
Succession Planning For management teams preparing to pass over leadership
Strategic Planning We can facilitate the path for those who need to decide where they want to be, when they want to be there, and what path they should take to get there.
Operational Planning Focused and relevant guide for business people who know their direction, but need to break down the steps on how to get there.
Policy, Procedure System Writing Developing the ‘how to’ for your business, with consistency, by creating common expectations and understandings about how things are done. Policies and Procedures can also be written to meet accreditation body requirements and franchise opportunities evaluated.

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Business Planning Qualifications

Buisness Planning Qualifications for:

New Small Businesses
Existing Small Businesses

If you are wanting to plan, or implement structures, systems and procedures into your business, company or organisation, we have identified some qualifications that are specifically tailored to where you are at. These qualifications will allow you to apply the assessment to your own business and your current situation. You will be equipped with practical, in-depth skills and knowledge to make your new business a success!

Your Business Qualification will be recognised Australia-wide and respected internationally in line with AQF standards.

Qualifiication Guarantee

View the range of Business Planning Qualifications below and select a program to suit you or contact us for advice. You can enrol and begin today!

Certificate IV Level

Diploma Level

Advanced Diploma Level

Completing a Business Qualification gives you the opportunity to:

  • Grow, develop and improve your business or organisation
  • Gain that ‘piece of paper’ that will reinforce your past experience
  • Add letters after your name

Qualifications can be completed online, online with residential workshops and through in-house company training.

To hear more about the Certificate IV in Small Business (New Business), watch this video!

Business Planning Related Articles

For those of you wanting to know more about Business Planning, we have compiled a number of informative articles for you to read at your leisure. We hope that you find this information useful. At Global Training Institute we are passionate about equipping people with skills, knowledge and hope to achieve their goals and dreams. If you are trying to start a new business or want to know more about planning a business, we would love to be involved in that journey.

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Small Business Planning

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