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One of the key areas of focus for Global Training Institute‘s School of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership is in assisting Indigenous Boards and Committees to serve their stakeholders in the very best way possible.

And, importantly, there is training FUNDING available (from governments and non-profit organisations) to encourage Boards and individuals to work with us to improve their management, compliance and leadership skills.

There has never been a better time for your Board or Organisation to get serious about these important goals:

  • Providing training for your Board or Committee Members in indigenous governance, financial management, indigenous leadership, running a business, turning your plans into a reality
  • Making the most of the income you gain from mining royalties, land leases and shares
  • Identifying and analysing what new opportunities are available to you, through strategic planning
  • Developing jobs for your people
  • Starting a new business or improving your existing business

Indigenous Leadership Qualifications

All businesses and organisations who have board and committee members with formal training in their responsibilities have clear direction. By undertaking training that is both practical and relevant, your organisation will receive the benefit of knowledge that will take it to a whole new level.

The Global Training Institute’s School of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership offers practical formal qualifications that can be undertaken by individuals, committees or organisations as a whole.

View the range of qualifications below, select a program to suit you and enrol today.

Certificate IV Level

Diploma Level

Indigenous Leadership programs are available through Global Training Institute. They also offer formal qualifications in management, business and corporate governance. Global Training Institute offer management qualifications and Indigenous leadership training in communities across Australia. Indigenous leadership training is conducted across Australia by Global Training Institute. They include management qualifications and more.

Global Training Institute is a Registered Training Organisation, which means our activities are regularly audited to ensure that they are transparent and comply with training best-practices. The courses that we offer you are recognised Australia-wide, and are highly regarded in other countries as well.

Over the last ten years, we have earned an excellent reputation for working with Indigenous organisations and Aboriginal corporations in QLD, NSW, and WA, including:

  • Indigenous Land Corporation Property Owners
  • Cape York Land Council
  • Ely Bauxite Mine Beneficiaries
  • Mualgal Torres Strait Islander Corporation
  • Barlawink & Warrmitch Land Trust
  • Cherbourg Men’s Group
  • Milbi Incorporated
  • Kowamyama Cattle Co-operative
  • Ely Bauxite Mine Beneficiaries
  • Kooma Traditional Owners
  • Bunya Wakka Wakka Aboriginal Corporation
  • Nalingu Aboriginal Corporation, and many, many more.

Working with many different communities in various parts of the country has allowed us to gain an up-to-date appreciation and understanding of different cultures, traditions, strengths and unique challenges that influence Aboriginal leadership and business management.

Our trainers are industry experts, and they look forward to being able to support you in achieving your goals for running a profitable, transparent and strategically focused organisation – one that encourages leadership from within and makes the most of job opportunities for your people.

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Completing a Corporate Governance, Management or Business qualification will give you, and your board or senior staff the opportunity to:

  • Ensure that your Board or Committee is being run correctly and effectively
  • Grow, develop, and improve your business or organisationQualifiication Guarantee for Entrepreneurship training
  • Gain that ‘piece of paper’ that will reinforce past experience
  • Take Management skills to a Corporate Governance level
  • Add letters after your/their names – important for establishing credibility and authority in your business niche.

Qualifications can be completed online, online with residential workshops and through in-house company training. Your qualification will be recognised Australia-wide and respected internationally in accordance with AQF standards.

Trainer Shane, discusses the Certificate IV in Governance and what skills you will acquire by completing this qualification. 

For more information about available qualifications, or other training options, please contact us