Recognition of Prior Learning and Skills (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning and Skills (RPL)

Great News! You may already have skills or knowledge that will enable you to gain a qualification without taking part in a whole training program.

Many Supervisors and Managers are having their experience recognised towards the Certificate and Diploma Qualifications offered here at Global Training Institute. This is very popular with experienced supervisors, managers and business owners who have not had the opportunity to gain the formal qualifications.

In uncertain economic times, one of the best ways to ensure your own security is to focus on your employability. You can now turn your experience into formal Nationally Recognised Qualifications. If you are an employee, you can’t always control what steps your employer will take, but you can take steps to ensure you remain a sought-after employee. Having formal Certificate and Diploma qualifications are definitely wanted and valued.

The process of Recognition of Prior Learning, RPL, (sometimes also known as skills recognition) allows you to receive recognition and credit for the knowledge and skills you have already gained. This can include your skills gained from:

  • Previous training or study including courses at college, adult education and training programs at work
  • Work experience including paid and volunteer work
  • Life experience including skills gained through hobbies

RPL recognises your prior knowledge and experience and measures it against the course in which you are enrolled. Skills recognition is the acknowledgment by a training provider that you have gained an appropriate level of skill and knowledge that would have otherwise been developed through undertaking a course.

If you have experience and would like to see if you benefit from this process and discuss which qualifications will best match your previous experience. Contact us at Global Training Institute now.

Process: Very simple and friendly

  1. Decide if you have the experience needed
  2. Purchase your Qualification
  3. Talk with your trainer about a Competency Conversation and the evidence you need to submit
  4. See if you have all the documents that are needed by the trainer for the assessment WITH the required components highlighted in the assessment.
  5. Clearly indicate where in each document the assessment component is
  6. If more evidence is required you can chat to your trainer
  7. Have the competency conversation and complete any gap assessment tasks
  8. Complete your remaining units
  9. Qualification Awarded – Congratulations!

N.B You need to provide evidence of your previous experience.

For each aspect of the unit, Recognition of Prior Learning gets you to:

Comments from previous participants:

Congratulations! These are just a few of the experienced Supervisors, Managers and Directors from throughout Australia that have recently been awarded Nationally Recognised Diplomas and Certificates, without the need to do any study or attend any workshops.



“I found the process complimentary to my education and work methods. Shane was very supportive both in the field and in the office. I achieved 3 qualifications and feel that other students may do the same.”


Mike Conroy, Sunshine Coast Regional Council


“I found the process relaxed and communicative and the support processes excellent. I would certainly recommend the program to others for the relaxed and informative exchanges of information. I achieved 3 qualifications through this process.”


Denis Regan, Mackay City Council

“The process was excellent. The process was well set out with thorough and clear guidelines. The support processes was excellent. Anne was brilliant in the assessment process of my management qualification. Shane’s initial interview was probing and thorough. The office staff were efficient in responding to queries and overall very helpful. I found the course so good that I am already putting another 4 of my staff through the program now.”

Mike Librizi, Manager WBHO


“Really effective and easy to use online. It made me think about aspects I was already doing without realizing it. The whole thing really structured and formalised what I have been doing professionally. I have already recommended this to many other colleagues. Very well done.”

Geoff Spencer


“Thank you for all your help in completing the AD Proj Manage and Civil Construction.Can you pass on my appreciation to both Anne and Shane for a great course (and the hat) and a thank you to you for chasing me up through the year to make sure I had meetings with Shane and that I attended the Grad.” 

Sam Wakeford, Infrastructure Services Cairns Regional Council

“I found the process thought provoking but a great way to cover off on an assessment which you can provide supporting documentation which you are already working on or ready to go. Global Training Support Processes were great. They were always in contact with me especially towards the end of the course to motivate me to cross the finish line.”

Peter English