Are you looking for recognised training tailored to your career and experience?

At Global Training Institute we provide a one on one learning environment.
No class room, no exams, no assignments, and no essays.

Are you looking for recognition of your skills and experience?

At Global Training Institute we specialise in helping employees gain the recognition they deserve for the experience they already have.

Are you actively employed in your area of expertise?

If you have a current job in your intended area of study we can develop and accelerated program for you.

Are you over the Age of 21?
Do you want access to Government Funding for your training?

At Global Training Institute we can offer extensive funding options for students over 21.
We have other funding opportunities to assist over 45’s.


You would be a great fit with Global Training Institute.

To learn more about how we can assist your career with Government subsidised training complete the form below and one of our career advisors will be in touch:

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