Here’s a short, fun quiz to get you thinking about your career!


  1. How to develop a plan for action

The statement, ‘If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there’, is taken from which classic?

  1. The Wizard of Oz
  2. Gulliver’s Travels
  3. Alice in Wonderland
  4. Robinson Crusoe


  1. How to improve your chances of getting promoted

How can you strengthen your credentials?

  1. Active membership of professional associations and committees.
  2. Involvement in community service organizations and clubs.
  3. Formal study (degrees, diplomas etc.).
  4. All of the above.


  1. How to choose the best course for further study

One way to avoid becoming another drop-out statistic is to do your homework on and explore fully the course of study which you intend to undertake. What three activities should feature in your preliminary considerations?

  1. Find out about the course or subject by approaching the course coordinator.
  2. Consult the course handbook.
  3. Find out about the course or subject by approaching previous students.
  4. Find out about the course or subject by seeking evidence in the form of course reviews and students’ evaluation.


  1. How to get the most out of a conference, seminar or workshop

When you attend a conference, seminar, or workshop…

  1. Arrive early to meet colleagues and network.
  2. You’re away from the office, so be relaxed, enjoy the break, but arrive on time.
  3. Find a seat close to the speaker where you will be seen by all participants.
  4. Be on the lookout for solutions back in the workplace.


  1. How to make the most of your professional reading

Why is reading so important for managers?

  1. Reading is an essential component of the learning organization.
  2. With so much new information, it is vital for managers to keep up-to-date.
  3. Reading arms you for independent, creative thinking.
  4. Managers must set the example for staff.
  5. The organization depends on its managers’ ability to increase their knowledge.


  1. How to stay at the top once you’ve got there

Of the four options below, which best defines ‘success’.

  1. Success can be defined by the size of your pay packet, the size of your office, and the size of your car.
  2. Success is living each day as if it’s your last, building better relationships, and beating the opposition.
  3. Success is getting to the top, staying there, and making sure you keep your rivals at bay.
  4. Success is knowing where you are, knowing where you want to be, and each day – in some way – moving towards that end-in-view.






1. (c) Lewis Carroll may never have realized how often-quoted his statement would become.


2. (d) There are plenty of avenues for strengthening your credentials.


3. The best options are (a), (c) and (d).


4. (a) and (d) are correct. In terms of (b), this isn’t a holiday; and (c) there is more to a conference than visibility and ego-satisfaction.


5. All are correct


6. (d) This definition of success incorporates many of the messages of the ancients