To inspire your employees to try something new and challenging outside their normal work environment, why not assign them a task or two, every now and then. Here are some ideas:

  1. Present a proposal to managementBecome the best manager you can be with Global Training Institute
  2. Organise a company social lunch
  3. Write a media/press release
  4. Install a new system
  5. Create a team to work on a new assignment
  6. Plan a convention or conference
  7. Supervise a team
  8. Handle negotiations with a customer
  9. Represent the company at the careers expo or trade show
  10. Make a speech for the organisation
  11. Go on a business trip to another country
  12. Go to a campus to recruit
  13. Work for a short time in another unit of the organisation
  14. Manage an office renovation project
  15. Design office layout
  16. Work on a project with a tight deadline
  17. Manage the visit of a corporate official or VIP
  18. Launch a new product/service

Or why not give them the opportunity to do some training to enhance their skills?

  1. Complete a course with Global Training Institute

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