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Quality Auditing Qualifications

Qualifications in Quality Auditing are strongly sought after in nearly every industry at the moment.

Quality Auditing is about ensuring that the business or organisation is complying to their regulations and standards.

You can be employed internally for the business in a compliance and development role or externally as a consultant or regulations compliance auditor.

Best Practice and Continuous Improvement is at the heart of Quality Auditing, Quality Assurance and Management Systems as it is an evidence-based approach to analysing, assessing, and improving the workflows and procedures of an organisation.


QA is often combined with other systems, management work, particularly in the areas of health and safety, sustainability and the environment, and standards compliance, and the skills developed in a QA career are valuable to organisations of just about any size, in every industry and sector.

View the range of Quality Auditing Qualifications below and select a program to suit you or contact us for advice.

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Dual Diploma

Diploma of Quality Auditing
Diploma of Quality Auditing + Diploma of Business
Diploma of Quality Auditing + Diploma of Project Management
Diploma of Quality Auditing [NDIS Focus]
Diploma of Quality Auditing + Diploma of Business Administration
Diploma of Quality Auditing + Diploma of Leadership and Management
Diploma of Quality Auditing + Diploma of Business (Governance)

Courses within the school are ideal for people who are,
or wish to be a:

  • Lead Auditor
  • Certification Auditor
  • Legislation, Regulation Auditor
  • Internal Auditor
  • Consultant
  • Qualified Auditor

Completing a Quality Auditing Qualification gives you the opportunity to:

  • Grow, develop and improve your business
  • Gain that ‘piece of paper’ that will reinforce your past experience
  • Add letters after your name

Qualifications can be completed online, online with residential workshops and through in-house company training.

Developing your standards and the people within it, through training and Quality Auditing courses, is vital to its growth. Global Training Institute has created a School of Quality Auditing with training courses designed to help you meet your auditing needs and corporate obligations.


The Quality Auditing School specialises in providing practical business management training, strategies and solutions, that will enable your business to grow and succeed over the long term.

By undertaking the online short courses, webinars or quality auditing qualifications, you will learn how to:

  • Take your business to a whole new level
  • Grow your customer base and your profits
  • Maximise the output from a more motivated staff
  • Develop new business and marketing strategies
  • Make your business work for you – rather than you for it
  • Obtain a formal qualification while growing your business

If you would like to find out more about the Quality Auditing School
and training in areas of Entrepreneurship and Business Management, please Contact Us!

Global Training Institute School of Quality Auditing provides ‘Real Solutions with Real Results’.