LGA60104 + RII60615

Advanced Diploma of Local Government (Operational Works) + Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction

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“The administrative support at GTI was excellent! Very proactive…no chance that I would become a sleeping student! This training program consolidated what I already knew but also gave me new points of view for Management. The assessment process was done well and the materials were accessible. Student support was great. I would recommend this course to developing Junior Supervisors in TMR.” Howard Berndt (Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management)
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Fast Facts

Advanced Diploma of Local Government (Operational Works) + Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
LGA60104 + BSB61015

Age:  21 Years or over
Employment Entry Requirements:
Must be:
– currently employed in local government
– 3+ years of experience in managing operational works and civil construction
– have access to a workplace where you are able to create or review policies and systems :civil construction plans, environment, risk, quality
– have experience in leading civil projects
– Provide Leadership to Section, Department, Organisation or Business
– Year 12 pass or
– Diploma and 2+ Years relevant Industry Experience or
– Proof of skills – provide a current resume or 2 Referees to testify to your ability to complete the course
Language Literacy, Numeracy:
– Proof of Yr12/Senior Certificate or Pass an approved LLN Test
– English language: see ‘English Requirements’ in the footer of the website for more information.
– Fluent in written and spoken English
General: Motivation and good reason to complete qualification

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Total Flexibility – fit study in around your work & family commitments. All the resources and assessments are available to you 24/7.

You can complete this via:

  • Online + Unlimited Personal 1 on 1 phone training sessions with your Trainer
  • Distance – Material posted + Unlimited Personal 1 on 1 phone training sessions with your Trainer
  • Face to Face Training sessions – maybe available depending on your location
  • Company Training – In-house. Contact Us to discuss a program designed just for your company and employees

4-18 months – Accelerated – depending upon your previous experience and how much time you can allocate to completing your qualification.

All the resources and assessments are available to you 24/7, so you can get in and complete as fast as you want.

Flexible – Year Round Start Dates – mean you can start any time – Fast Start & Quick Access to your Course.

Based on your current work projects or Use your past work experience and be recognized. Practical. No Exams, No Essays. Use Sessions with Trainer to discuss your work projects and your Assessments – learn what is expected. Clear Instructions & Expectations. Resubmit up to 2 more times if your Assessor requires extra evidence from you. Use Sessions with Trainer to work through your Assessments – learn what is expected;
Simple Process:
1. Answer Questions and complete Projects (many with Workplace based option);
2. Collect Workplace Documents or complete provided templates;
3. Cross Match Answers & Evidence.
4. Submit

FREE & Optional – Monthly workshops on Saturdays (depending on your location) – Network with other Students; Get 1-1 Trainer help; Focus on getting Your Assessment Done – no distractions.

  • Flexible – Gain the amount of information you need and want – when and where suits you.
  • All materials are available Online and on your USB stick
  • Unlimited Phone Training Session with Trainer – Flexible – Day & Evening Sessions available
  • Wealth of resources for in-depth knowledge or Quick Tips
  • Webinars – FREE & Optional –– live and recorded to suit your availability
What we are known for – Great Support for You. Be supported, accountable and motivated by your own Completion Coach, Trainers; Office Staff. Flexible – Design your communication and training times and methods to suit you: phone, email, fax, post…Your Trainer has wide Management and Training experience and will be able to relate to you.
May be available for Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma units completed within the last 5 years. Phone us to check or send us a copy of your results showing the units studied with your enrollment form. Any we cannot credit, may be used for Recognition of Prior Learning, to support your understanding of the topic.
  • RIICWM601D Establish civil constructions plans
  • RIICWM503D Prepare civil works cost estimate
  • RIICWM504D Prepare civil works bill of quantities
  • RIICWM505D Prepare civil works schedule of rates
  • RIIENV601D Establish and maintain the environmental management system
  • RIIWHS601D Establish and maintain the occupational health and safety management system
  • RIIQUA601D Establish and maintain a quality system
  • RIIRIS601D Establish and maintain the risk management system
  • BSBMGT605 Provide leadership across the organisation
  • BSBMGT617 Develop and implement a business plan
  • LGAWORK601A Monitor and Finalise Works Projects
  • LGAWORK602A Supervise establishment of Works Project
  • LGAWORK603A Determine and priorities a council works program
  • LGACORE601B Develop, implement and review operational plans
  • LGACOM602B Coordinate and facilitate a change process
  • LGACOM603B Develop, Implement and review policies and procedures
  • LGACORE602B Promote and facilitate organizational performance

Advanced Diploma of Local Government (Operational Works) + Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction

  • Directors and Managers in Operational Works Divisions in Local Government…Here’s how to finally gain your qualification in Local Government for the work that you do…You will be working in one of the divisions listed below and generally leading your division or department.Stand out and be ready for your next Job or Promotion in Local Government
    When you complete your qualification with us not only will have
    1. gained your qualification
    2. gained post nominal letters to use after your name
    3. learnt new skills
    4. had your existing skills and experienced recognizedDiscover and implement the practical strategies that will make a REAL difference to:
    • Planning and Delivering Council projects on-time and in- budget
    • Increase your departments productivity, performance and morale
    • Have your team members doing what you want them to do

Reduce the time you need to put out ‘emergency fires’

You are typically responsible for the establishment of the site management systems, plans and policies within your division.

Operational Works Divisions

Click this button to download the official fee schedule for this course.

Schedule of Fees

Click this button to download the course flyer.

Course Flyer

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“I felt the training was easy to understand and had plenty of contact to enable me to make informed decision around my assignments. I found I could use the concepts I was learning from the course with my interactions with my team. Areas including developing leadership had a significant impact on my life in terms of personal growth. The support processes were good and I would recommend this course to other managers.” Kellie Green
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How to Enrol in this Course – 5 Simple Steps

  1. Understand this Course and your Study and any Funding Requirements:
    1. Your Course: Ensure that you are comfortable and understand about the course that you wish to apply for and that you believe you will get benefit from completing it. Download the official Course Flyer on this webpage. Ensure you meet the course Entry Requirements listed on this page.
    2. Studying with Global Training Institute: To become familiar with all the policies and information regarding how studying occurs, your rights and obligations eg communication between us, issuing your qualification, withdrawals, refunds, complaints etc read the Student Handbook and student forms. The up-to-date versions will always be available to you in the website footer and in your Online Student Area. Download the Student Handbookclick here
    3. Funding Details and Requirements: Click the funding method of your choice to learn about the details and requirements.
  2. Apply: Click on the Enrol Now button on your course webpage and choose how you wish to pay for your course. Depending on the payment method selected, follow the instructions. You will usually be either A. taken to your Enrolment Application Form first and then arrange payment later (VSL and Funded options) or B. taken to the Order Form first (arrange payment on your credit card) and then complete your Enrolment Application Form.
  3. Course Offer: We will confirm your eligibility for study in the course, any credits you have, funding available, calculate your student fees, and if all OK, offer you a place.
  4. Accept and Enrol: To accept your study place and officially enrol in your course, arrange your student fee payment. Fees can be paid by you individually or by your Employer.
  5. Enrolment Confirmation and Get Started: We will then officially enrol you in your course, send you your Confirmation of Enrolment letter, allow you access into your Online Student Area (where you will find your Training and Assessment materials) and get you started on your course with your Trainer.

Contact us with any questions or you require any further information.

We are looking forward to working with you soon.

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Your Qualification is 100% tax deductible in Australia. Get up to $4,488* back. *Click here to see how much you may get refunded.Your course should be 100% Tax Deductible if you are paying for it and it relates to your work. Confirm your individual situation with your Tax Adviser.

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