Certificate IV in Business (Governance)

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Fast Facts

Certificate IV in Business (Governance)


·         21 Years or over

·         2 Years relevant Board Experience or

Year 10 pass or Certificate III

·         Access to an Board or Committee where you can be involved in the decision making processes, run meetings, and access documents etc

·         Fluent in written and spoken English (or provide someone to assist with assessments)

·         Motivation and a strong reason to complete and gain your qualification

As part of the enrolment process, you will be contacted to discuss your enrolment.

Flexi Training – You choose your training method to suit you.

  1. Mixture of Online + Phone or skype sessions – day or evening sessions
  2. Distance – we can provide you with a USB with materials and assessments if you request it) or

Training for your whole board or committee – Face-to-Face workshops.

12 months: 44 academic weeks (over 3 trimesters) includes 8 weeks access to your units at the end to ensure you have completed.

Quicker Completion: Many students complete their course much quicker, depending upon your previous experience and how much time you can allocate to completing your qualification.

All the resources and assessments are available to you 24/7, so you can get in and complete as fast as you want.

Flexible – Year Round Start Dates – mean you can start any time – Fast Start & Quick Access to your Course.

Your assessments will often be developing policies, systems and procedures for your existing Board and Organisation.

These will need to be typed (or handwritten and scanned) and submitted into your Online Student Area.  It is a very simple process.

  • Flexible – Gain the amount of information you need and want – when and where suits you.
  • All materials are available Online and on your USB stick
  • Unlimited Phone Training Session with Trainer – Flexible – Day & Evening Sessions available
  • Wealth of resources for in-depth knowledge or Quick Tips
  • Webinars – FREE & Optional –– live and recorded to suit your availability
What we are known for – Great Support for You. Be supported, accountable and motivated by your own Completion Coach, Trainers; Office Staff. Flexible – Design your communication and training times and methods to suit you: phone, email, fax, post…Your Trainer has wide Management and Training experience and will be able to relate to you.

If you have completed the exact same unit in another qualification, you will not need to redo this unit.  Provide this information with your Enrolment Form

Similar units to these need to be completed:

  • BSBMGT401 Show Leadership in The Workplace
  • BSBATSIL408 Manage a board meeting
  • BSBATSIL413 Review and apply the constitution
  • BSBATSIM417 Implement organisational plans
  • BSBWOR502 Ensure Team Effectiveness
  • BSBATSIL411 Undertake the Roles and Responsibilities
  • BSBATSIM414 Oversee the Organisation’s Annual Budget
  • BSBATSIM418 Oversee Financial Management
  • BSBATSIC412 Maintain and protect Cultural Values in the Organisation
  • BSBATSIL412 Participate effectively as a Board Member
  • BSBATSIM416 Oversee Organisational Planning
  • BSBATSIM419 Contribute to the Development and Implementation of Organisational Policies

Your units may differ depending if you have credits, if you a completing another qualification also at the same time or if you have chosen different electives.

About Your Qualification

Attention: All Board and Committee Members in Aboriginal Corporation and Indigenous Corporation

If you wish to be a productive member on your Board or Committee or even a paid Executive on a Board or a Professional Board Member, then this Indigenous Governance Training for you or your Aboriginal Corporation

Being on a board or committee comes with significant responsibilities and roles. Unfortunately most board members simply don’t know what is required of them, and even less have the skills to correctly fulfil these roles and responsibilities… a dangerous situation!

We’ve all seen what this damage can do – loss of trust by community & members; poor organizational performance; damaged reputations; financial mismanagement; legal issues; board closure…

Some say… “Ignorance is Bliss” We say… “When you are on a Board, Ignorance can cost you your House” You don’t have to be ignorant…Finally there is a solution…

Participating in this down-to-earth, practical, Certificate IV in Business (Governance) course will help you maximise your contribution to your board, and your organisation.

This course will provide you with a ‘tool-kit’ of resources, information and skills that will help your organisation create the policies, procedures and systems that it requires to minimise your risk and run your organisation.

With this training in corporate governance you will be one of the most valuable and powerful Contributor’s on your board and be sought after to serve on other Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Corporation Board or Committee.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How to Enrol in this Course – 5 Simple Steps

  1. Understand this Course and your Study and any Funding Requirements:
    1. Your Course: Ensure that you are comfortable and understand about the course that you wish to apply for and that you believe you will get benefit from completing it. Download the official Course Flyer on this webpage. Ensure you meet the course Entry Requirements listed on this page.
    2. Studying with Global Training Institute: To become familiar with all the policies and information regarding how studying occurs, your rights and obligations eg communication between us, issuing your qualification, withdrawals, refunds, complaints etc read the Student Handbook and student forms. The up-to-date versions will always be available to you in the website footer and in your Online Student Area. Download the Student Handbookclick here
    3. Funding Details and Requirements: Click the funding method of your choice to learn about the details and requirements.
  2. Apply: Click on the Enrol Now button on your course webpage and choose how you wish to pay for your course. Depending on the payment method selected, follow the instructions. You will usually be either A. taken to your Enrolment Application Form first and then arrange payment later (VSL and Funded options) or B. taken to the Order Form first (arrange payment on your credit card) and then complete your Enrolment Application Form.
  3. Course Offer: We will confirm your eligibility for study in the course, any credits you have, funding available, calculate your student fees, and if all OK, offer you a place.
  4. Accept and Enrol: To accept your study place and officially enrol in your course, arrange your student fee payment. Fees can be paid by you individually or by your Employer.
  5. Enrolment Confirmation and Get Started: We will then officially enrol you in your course, send you your Confirmation of Enrolment letter, allow you access into your Online Student Area (where you will find your Training and Assessment materials) and get you started on your course with your Trainer.

Contact us with any questions or you require any further information.

We are looking forward to working with you soon.

Payment Methods

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Gaining your new qualification is easy with the following Tuition Fee payment and funding options to help you:
1. Simple Payment Plan and claim the 100% Tax Deduction
2. Funded Program


Fee For Service

Payment Plan – Interest Free
Pay via Monthly instalments on your credit card.

Tax Rebates – Individuals
Your course should be 100% Tax Deductible if it relates to your work. Get up to $4,488* back. *Click here to see how much you may get refunded. Confirm your individual situation with your Tax Adviser. 

To Enrol:

Click the Enrol Now button.  You will be directed through the following steps.

  1. Provide your contact details,
  2. Complete Pre-Enrolment Form
  3. Complete payment page
  4. Complete Enrolment Form

Should your application not be accepted, you will receive a refund of fees paid.

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Excellent workshops. I really valued the training and presentation by Shane.
Percy Neal, Yarrabah Aboriginal Community Council
Hi Anne. Just to let you know the Mookai Rosie staff thoroughly enjoyed the two days workshop with Shane…Since then I have seen marked improvements in a lot of areas – and the CODE OF HONOUR has been typed up and distributed to all the staff. To add any further points thought of after the workshop, today in our staff meeting they agreed that it be typed up, and printed in Poster size and displayed in the workplace together with the Above the Line and Below Line diagram. At the workshop we all agreed to invite Shane back again in September to do a follow up on the team building and do more training. Many thanks.
Heather Saleh, Mookai Rose
The support process from the office for completing the Business (Governance) course was excellent. It was good to update and refresh my knowledge. Once I got familiar with the process, I found the training excellent. I would recommend the training to others. I would also recommend that any student undergo a face-to-face session with the GTI staff, this proved very beneficial to me.
Gavin Brown, Bundjalung of Byron Bay Aboriginal Corporation (Arakwal)
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