Apply to Enrol in 5 Simple Steps. (NSW Fee-Free or Low-Cost)

Open each of the toggles below, to find out the steps, and what evidence you will have to provide with your Application for Enrolment form.  

Understand your Course and Funding: Before you can apply to enrol, the Australian Government requires us to be able to provide proof that you have been given all the required information to make an informed decision about studying with us.

  1. Your Course: Ensure that you are comfortable and understand about the course you are applying to enrol in and that you believe you will get benefit from completing it. Download the Pre-Enrolment Course Information Flyer click here. Ensure you meet the course entry requirements listed
  2. Studying with Global Training Institute:  To access the policies and information regarding how studying occurs, your rights and obligations,
        Download the Student Handbookclick here. The up-to-date version will be available in the website footer and in your Online Student Area.
  3. NSW Smart & Skilled Funding:  For full details of this program including eligibility requirements- click here.
  4. If Using a VET Student Loan to cover the balance of a Low-Cost course: Ensure you have read and downloaded the: VET Student Loans Information Book. For all official and up-to-date information about VET Student Loans 

Fill out the Application for Enrolment form below:

Evidence to provide with your form:

a. NSW Status: You will need to provide proof of your NSW status. Please provide one of the evidence documents listed.

Proof that you Live in NSW: This can be a Drivers licence with a NSW address listed, or NSW Government issued document providing evidence of living location. E.g. Rent or lease agreement; Rates notice; Registration or driver licence renewal notice; Recent official letter from government service providers (not from us); Electoral enrolment document;

Proof that you Work in NSW: This can be an employer-issued document confirming your employment in NSW. E.g. Recent Pay slip showing address, name, recent date and employer (If you feel uncomfortable, you can black out other personal info); Letter from employer.

b. Citizenship Status: You will need to provide proof of your residency status. Please provide one of the evidence documents listed.

Certificate IV Applicants and Permanent Residents: Green Medicare card or
a; Australian or New Zealand birth certificate or passport; or
Naturalisation Certificate; or
a Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status (CERS), which confirms status as an Australian permanent resident; or
relevant information for GTI to confirm your status as an Australian permanent resident or Humanitarian visa holder with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO).

Australian Citizens (Diploma and Advanced Diploma Applicants): Australian Passport; or Australian Citizenship Certificate;  or Australian birth certificate if born prior to 1986. If you cannot provide one of these, click here

c. Numeracy and Literacy Eligibility (Diploma and Advanced Diploma Applicants): Provide us with one of the following:
A certificate of qualification at level 4 or above in the Australian Qualifications Framework (Certificate IV, Diploma, or University Degree); or
an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (Year 12 Certificate); or
proof of competence at or above Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework in both Reading & Numeracy.
If you cannot provide any of these, you will just need to complete a Free Numeracy and Literacy Test with us.

d. Credit for Previous Study:  If you are wanting Credits for any previous study, ensure that you attach your official Results Statement from qualifications at the same level (Certificate IV, Diploma), from within the past 5 years.  Must show codes and subject names.

e. Evidence for Fee-Free Training: If you are applying for Fee-Free training, you will need to provide a document to match your eligibility
Veteran: Copy of DVA white card
Veteran Spouse: Statutory Declaration – click here
Under 24: USI number – include in Enrolment application form
Commonwealth Benefit Recipient: Document that clearly shows your CRN and the benefit or allowance category – Need help to get this? Click here for instructions 

Unemployed (Not a commonwealth Benefit Recipient): A letter of separation from the employer, OR Sign a declaration provided in the Application for Enrolment form
Employed: One of the following documents to show which of these categories (started a new job under 6 months; stood down or at risk of being stood down; low skilled/unskilled – no Australia qualifications Cert III or above; limited relevant skills for job – requires training to upskill to secure ongoing employment or for future employment): Declaration form from employer; employment contract; email letter; notice of redundancy…

Course Offer: We will assess your application; verify your eligibility and check for availability of a funded place in our allocation.
Once approved, we get your official NSW student fee quote (this shows if your cost will be Fee-FREE or a Low-Cost and confirm your enrolment with you.

If you have been offered a Low-Cost Cost (not completely Fee-FREE) Arrange your Student Fee Payment for your low cost: To start your training sessions, you need to have started paying your student fee – payment plan or on a VET Student Loan .

If Applying for VET Student Loan: You will be sent your VET Student Loans application form (eCaf form) after 2 working days of us receiving your enrolment form.  VET Student Loans are only available for Diploma level courses and above.

Enrolment Confirmation and Get Started: You will receive your official paperwork, and we will get you started with your Trainer.

If paying via VET Student Loans, you will not be able to commence your course until we receive notification from you that you have completed your Ecaf VET Student Loans application.

If you have any questions, give us a call on 1800-998-500