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Many Civil Supervisors and Foremen have been doing their job superbly for years, but now find that they need the formal qualification, the ‘piece of paper’, if they want to land a new job or move ahead in their present one. If this is you, then we get it. In fact, we get it so well that we have had hundreds of students, just like you, who have had their experience recognised towards their Civil Supervision and Management Qualifications.

Our School of Civil Construction offers you practical and relevant formal qualifications that have been specially designed for Leading Hands, Supervisors, Foremen, Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Superintendents and Labourers wanting to have a career pathway backed up with formally recognised qualifications in the civil construction industry.

With Australia now being in the middle of an unprecedented mining boom, and the associated infrastructure planning, a higher level of civil construction employees are now very much in-demand by employers and their qualifications and skills highly valued in the following sections of the industry:

  • Earthworks
  • Roadworks
  • Drainage, Water and Sewerage
  • Power Stations
  • Gas and Mining
  • Bridgeworks
  • Fencing

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Civil Construction

Civil construction is a career that will not disappear. We will always need civil construction workers and managers in order to not only build new structures and infrastructure, but to maintain or upgrade everything that was previously built.

Managers, in particular, are necessary to design and organise projects and to help analyse and solve problems on the job. Getting civil construction qualifications and other civil construction training will provide you with what you need in order to become upwardly mobile in your job.

The vast majority of managers in civil construction currently do not hold any type of formal accreditation or diploma. In these especially difficult economic times, not having your ‘piece of paper’ can be a severe disadvantage to your career. We can educate you and give you the credentials you need in order to gain employment more easily, gain recognition for any experience you might already have, and to gain the ability to earn higher wages than those without formal qualifications. In addition, those managers that can show proof of formal education are more easily able to garner promotions and advance their careers.

You don’t have to have previous managerial experience to undertake civil construction. Management training and organisations like Global Training Institute offer flexible learning options. They will teach you the basics, tailoring their program to your job experience.

Formal Civil Supervision and Management qualifications are valued in many sections of the industry including:

  • Earthworks
  • Roadworks
  • Drainage, Water and Sewerage
  • Power Stations
  • Gas and Mining
  • Bridgeworks
  • Fencing

Your education will include practical problems which you must solve, in addition to courses on people skills and business practices. The online courses available will mesh well with your lifestyle. You can work on civil construction qualifications as your time schedule allows, without the need to be present in person for lectures or practicals. You work on your credentials on your time, in your own space. All you need is access to a working computer and internet.

Learn more about studying online civil construction courses, civil construction qualifications, and how to improve your civil construction management skills by contacting us

Civil Construction Qualifications

If you are looking to further your career in Civil Construction, or want to formalise your skills with a qualification that employer’s will respect, Global Training Institute offer a number of nationally and internationally regarded Civil Construction Qualifications. These qualifications are completed online with strong support from trainers at Global Training Institute. Assessments are practical and in-depth, with opportunities to implement your new knowledge and skills on-the-job.

View the range of Civil Construction Qualifications below and select a program to suit you, or contact us for advice. You can enrol and begin today!

If you would like to know more about the Civil Construction Qualifications, please contact us.


If you’re thinking about getting the lucrative jobs in the construction field, the best way to start off on the right foot is to undertake construction management training. You may have a decade or more of experience, but when it comes down to it, contractors and employers want two things from those they hire:

  • Experience
  • Proof of training

The best way to prove that you have your training is to have a piece of paper on hand from a qualified institution that says that you’ve fulfilled and passed all of the necessary requirements to be doing the work that you do.

Getting Started

As a Construction supervisor or manager, chances are that your time is already stretched thin. While obtaining your qualifications may be the furthest thing from your mind, you need to strongly consider getting the appropriate training. Not only will it increase your employability, but it will also increase your value, and you’ll likely pick up some new skills and knowledge that you can apply to your position.

Global Training Institute offer training now have both online and in-house training programs to accommodate a number of different lifestyles. For the busy construction manager, online courses offer the flexibility needed to complete a course. All qualifications are nationally and internationally recognised and comply with AQF standards.

With the strong support systems at Global Training Institute, the practical, in-depth skills and knowledge you will learn and the assessment that can be implemented into your daily work responsibilities, you will set yourself a part from the crowd and attract more career opportunities for yourself.

Learn more about studying online construction, construction qualifications, and how to improve your construction management skills by contacting us

Global Training Institute specialises in providing the required Courses for registration within

Mining and Quarrying for Site Senior Executives, Safety and other senior positions

Global Training Institute specialises in providing required G3 + G7 Courses  for those with experience in Mining, Quarries, Safety or those who need to gain registration as G3 or G7.  You can complete the required units listed below, online with us, fast and simply using the safety and risk management systems you have already created.

Remember that when you complete these courses with us you will:

  • Have UNLIMITED phone sessions with your trainer day or night (so can fit this in around work)
  • Be able to use any risk or safety systems or policies etc that you have developed before
  • Be able to complete online – from wherever you are or we can post you the materials
  • Results statements issued very quickly after you finish completing your Safety or Risk Management System with your Trainer.

Site Senior Executive (SSE) Requirements

QLD coal mining legislation requires that anyone wishing to sit the Mines Inspectorate’s SSE Legislation exam must have first completed the risk management competency RIIRIS601D as the pre-requisite, which is awarded on successful completion of this course.

As of the 30th June 2011 the Coal Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee determined that all persons appointed as a site senior executive (SSE) under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 are required to demonstrate to the Board of Examiners their knowledge of the current Queensland coal mining legislation by undertaking a written examination (“the SSE examination”) before appointment to the role in accordance with section 54(1) of the Act.

In addition they must possess a qualification in risk management in either:

  1. RIIRIS601D or commonly known as ‘G3’
  2. MINE7033 or
  3. GMIRM

Holding a Notice from the Board of Examiners of compliance with this requirement is a prerequisite to taking up duties as an SSE. This includes ‘acting’ as a SSE.

Coal Mining Site Senior Executive Requirements…

As of 01 January 2011, the unit RIIRIS601D Establish and Maintain the risk management system (commonly known as G3) is a prerequisite competency to be appointed as a Site Senior Executive as defined in the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 and as required by the Coal Mining Safety and Health Advisory Council.

SSE – G3 Risk Manager

The Site Senior Executive course is tailored to suit coal mine workers who wish to progress their career in the mining industry to the position of Site Senior Executive. The course is applicable to both surface and underground coal mining operations and is not limited only to persons wishing to become SSE’s. It is also suited to other professionals already working within the mining industry who wish to further their knowledge of, and who would benefit from a solid understanding of OHS & Risk Management Systems in their current roles, for example: department managers, superintendents, engineers, geologists, and health & safety professionals. QLD coal mining legislation mandates that anyone wishing to sit the Mines Inspectorate’s SSE Legislation exam must have first completed the risk management competency RIIRIS601D as the pre-requisite, which is awarded on successful completion of the SSE’s course.

Have your skills and experience recognised towards this Nationally Recognised units.

Civil Construction Short Courses

Undertaking online short courses as part of your Civil, Construction and Mining training is the perfect way to gain new skills and knowledge that you can use both at work and at home.

As a Registered Training Organisation, Global Training Institute has a commitment to meeting the ever-evolving training needs of Supervisors and Managers in business, government and the civil construction industry. This is great for our students, because the list of online short courses that we offer doesn’t stop growing.

At present you can select from over 43 subjects that include Leadership, Meeting Management, Time Management and Team Work. Many of the subject areas cover the ‘soft skills’ that are required when working with others, and while they are important for all employees, they are vital for Supervisors and Managers.

View a full list of our Online Short Courses

Civil Construction Supervisors and Managers

Our short courses are ideal for both management training and boosting the skills of all staff. Because they are conducted online, they can be completed at the students’ own pace, at any time, from anywhere. The following Short Courses in particular may be relevant to your current Civil Construction position:

Our Online Short Courses can be purchased as single subjects or in packs, with savings offered for different pack sizes.

For each course that you complete you will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’. These Certificates are a great addition to any Resume or CV, showing employers that you are consciously equipping yourself with important skills, especially those in Civil Construction. View the following list of knowledge, skills and abilities expected from Construction Managers.

Register for an Online Short Course now, because it’s….

Convenient – No airlines. No travel. You can study anywhere anytime, day or night – whenever
it suits you. You have unlimited access to your online course for 3 months.

Fast – Courses are divided into modules so you can complete them as quickly as your
schedule allows, without waiting for other students to catch up, or for classes to
be held

Practical – Our online short courses are made up of quality content, resources and
reference materials.

Easy – A computer and internet connection is all you need, but you also have the option
to download and print courses to study offline.

AffordableGlobal Training Institute’s courses are a fraction of the cost of attending seminars
or conferences.

Actionable – The skills and strategies that you learn can be implemented into your workplace
right away.

Achievable – You gain the skills and knowledge you need, and are awarded a ‘Certificate of

To give you an idea of what’s involved in Change Management Short Course, watch this video. These soft skills are vital to being effective within your civil construction role.

Learn more about Online Short Courses and how they can benefit your current role within the civil construction industry. 

Contact us to enrol or enquire now.

Civil Construction Testimonials

Thank you Anne and Shane for the support and guidance during my 2 Diploma courses. I would thoroughly recommend Global Training Institute to any person whom is looking to update their (civil construction) qualifications. The staff were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and expedient with any problems or questions that were raised. It would appear that there may be a promotion in the near future for myself and without a doubt I believe that this was granted with your help. Thanks again.” Steve Wallis, Superintendent, Golding Civil Contractors

I have now completed 5 qualifications with Global Training Institute. My Diploma of Civil Construction Management, Diploma of Project Management, Diploma of Management, I then went on and completed my Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction and my Advanced Diploma of Project Management. The Diploma qualifications helped me greatly to get a new position with a company that I really enjoy and came with a great package. I was very happy with the structure and presentation style used for the course. The knowledge can be applied to civil works. The Trainers were very good at allowing all students to comprehend the course. The learning’s also have benefits outside of work.” Tony Grey, Executive

After being employed in Civil Construction for 35 years, I found the course to be covering really well all aspects needed for our jobs as Supervisors, Superintendents, Foreman etc. Very happy. Eveything was done well and yes I would recommend others to do the course. It is important to be recognized for your skills. The Trainers and support staff at GTI are very helpful.” Randy Lewis, Superintendent

Our graduates consist of civil construction workers from a variety of civil construction companies. Hear their stories and how their civil construction course affected their career. 

If you would like more information about the Civil Construction Qualifications or Courses, please feel free to contact us. To view our full scope of Civil Construction courses, you can click here.

Global Training Institute School of Civil, Construction & Mining provides ‘Real Solutions with Real Results’.

Civil Construction Pathways

Would you like to see your Civil Construction career advance?

Are you looking for Civil Construction jobs but need formal training?

Would you like to receive a promotion in the Civil Construction industry?

Would you like to complete Civil Construction Training?

Check out our FREE Civil Construction Career Pathways!

Click Here or Download Civil Construction Career Pathways

We are hoping that this pathway will help you define how you will achieve your desired civil construction goals. One of these steps is civil construction training. At Global Training Institute we are well known and highly regarded for our online Civil Construction courses and qualifications. We invite you to take advantage of this free Civil Construction Career Pathway, and if inspired to get stuck into some civil construction training, complete it with us in a supportive environment. Use this Career Pathway to help map out your direction and identify what may be letting you down when applying for civil construction jobs and promotions. Pick which direction you think will help you achieve your career goals and start the process!

The Civil Construction industry is currently booming, but with more awareness of what’s required, employers are looking for people who have completed Civil Construction training to fulfill the jobs. To help you identify what skills are needed within civil construction, click here.

 One of our graduates, James, discusses his civil construction training with Global Training Institute. 


For more information about the Civil Construction Career Pathways, or Civil Construction training, please contact us.

Funding for NSW employees… 50% – 74% funding for qualifications

Civil Construction and Building Construction Funding

Construction training can be cheaper than you think!

Funding available for training your Leading Hands, Supervisors, Foreman, Project Managers, Construction Managers…

Funded Positions available in NSW – Click on your State Logo below to discover more.

Funding Available for

  • Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision RII40715

  • Diploma in Civil Construction Management RII50415

  • Diploma of Project Management BSB51415

  • Certificate IV in Leadership and Management BSB42015

  • Certificate IV in Project Management Practice BSB41515

  • Diploma of Quality Auditing BSB51615

  • Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB61015

Click on the logo below for your state to discover more about the available funding

Delivery of Funded Construction Qualifications by Global Training Institute

Construction Courses are available for company in-house training or via distance and online for individuals (no workshop attendance is necessary).

To discover more about this funding and qualifications please click on your states logo above or call us on 1800 998 500.

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