In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of boosting morale in the workplace and simple ways of doing this. Employee Motivation is an essential management skill, and as a manager or supervisor, alot of the responsibility of setting in morale within the workplace is on you. This can be exhausting at times, and you need to be properly equipped so that you don’t burn yourself out. Consider doing the $37 online short course Employee Motivation through Global Training Institute. It will give you vital skills and knowledge as to how to be great at employee motivation.

Employee Motivation Tip!

The key is self-motivation. When managers motivate, they stimulate their staff to exert more energy, enthusiasm, and effort in what they’re doing. But the best of all motivation is self-motivation.

So, as a manager, it is your task to provide a climate in which self-motivation flourishes – and when it does, chances are staff morale within your organisation will be high.

Employee Motivation is an essential Management Skills. Check out Global Training Institute Employee Motivation online short course.

What others have said about Boosting Morale…

“Morale might be called the spirit of a company – the sum total of the attitudes of its people. It is influenced more from the top down than from the bottom up. No single condition will consistently explain good or poor morale, for it is a ‘mix’ of many related elements operating together at any given time.”

Ted Pollock, Managing Creatively: Ed.# 2. Cahners, Boston, 1971, p.99.

“It’s no good saying you can’t afford to look after your staff’s morale. You can’t afford not to.”

Julia Richer

“The main thing that makes me happy about getting up in the morning and coming to work is the fact that I like what I do and I have freedom. I’m free to do my job, take recommendations or complaints to my supervisors, and I know they will listen. I can order my own parts, take care of everything, and carry it on through. It’s a lot more pleasant to be in a job like that.”

Jerry Forsythe, Senior Operator, Chaparral Steel

“Businesses aren’t boring – not the publishing business, not the shoe business, not the computer business. People are boring. Drab, unexcited, unmotivated people carry their boredom with them. They take it from job to job hoping they’ll be brought out of their doldrums by a new job, new people, and a new environment. It rarely works that way; unfortunately, they bring down the new people around them instead of being elevated by them.”

Buck Rodgers, Getting the Best Out of Yourself & Others, Harper and Row, NY, 1988.

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