Receive two years access of your qualification instead of eighteen months when you enrol in a Global Training Institute qualification in June!

Enrol in your Qualification in June and receive TWO YEARS ACCESS to your qualification!

Are you one of those people that keep putting things off? What does your house look like? When is the last time you cleaned out your garage? How long since you visited your parents in law?

Well if you are in this category believe it or not, you are not alone. Lots of people need a bit of extra time to finish off something worthwhile. So this month at Global Training Institute we are offering you the opportunity to complete your chosen qualification in 2 years instead of 18 months.

This will ensure that you make it through and will give you the ability to take a couple of months off when work gets busy and things to pop up in your personal life (as they usually do). This can be especially beneficial to those of you wanting to undertake your Advanced Diploma as you are often the busiest students, with work lives to match.

So enrol today and give yourself a bit of extra time to complete your online qualification!

Give us a call Today on 1800 998 500 to discuss this Offer and your Qualification. We’re here to help and look forward to talking with you!

2 years access on your online qualification at Global Training Institute.