Mid-Career Checkpoint Program
Access potential funding up to $3,000 towards your next qualification!


Have you taken time out of the workforce to care for your family and are now looking to return to paid employment or advance your career?

The Mid-Career Checkpoint Program is an Australian Government initiative that provides a free skills and employment assessment to help you identify your training, employment and career goals.

All participants receive a customised Skills, Training and Employment Plan (STEP) that details their employment goals, identifies their attributes, skills, and qualifications, as well as any skills gaps.

Participants in the Mid-Career Checkpoint program may also be eligible to access up to $3,000 in funding towards accredited training.

How This Works

The program has three entry points:

‘Stepping Back In
Returning carers can access skills and employment assessment services and advice on re-entry into the paid workforce including suggestions for professional and skills development.

‘Stepping up
Carers who have recently re-joined the paid workforce can access advice on advancing or changing their career.

‘General entry 
Get access to theis program if you are an existing worker in one of the designated industry listed below

Training Incentive

• Potential funding up to $3,000 towards re-skilling
• Free skills and employment assessment
• Tailored career advice and coaching sessions
• Training and Employment Plan (STEP)


You are eligible for the Incentive if you:  

• Live in NSW, VIC, or QLD
• have been out of the paid workforce for six months or more, and
• are undertaking caring responsibilities, and
• are looking to return to work or advance your career or

You are an existing worker in one of the following designated industries*

• Accommodation and Food Services
• Education and Training
• Arts and Recreation Services
• Retail Trade
• Administrative and Support Services
• Residential Care Services
• Child Care Services

*Designated industries are female-dominated, COVID-19 affected industries where women (in particular) are at risk of unemployment.

How to apply?

If you are interested in applying for this program give us a call on 1800 998 500 and download the application form below.

Application form

More Information

If you would like to have a discussion in regards to this program, funding, and how we can potentially work together, please feel free to give us a call on 1800 998 500

Alternatively, visit the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s website below: